"I am learning art principles and elements within the collage format. Karen is well-prepared and structured. She does lots of preparation before coming to class. Karen stimulates and motivates the class and brings in examples of collage artists pertaining to the lesson."
Evie S., Monroe Senior Center

"Karen worked with the Program department in 2011 as an activity assistant specialist. She was brought in to assist in offering a higher level of art projects and some art history to the residents at Seabrook Village. Karen did an excellent job in achieving those goals. We enjoyed her professionalism and creativity. She was always well prepared and was received well by the residents. I would highly recommend her for your facility."
Pat H., Seabrook Village, Renaissance Gardens

"Amazing Karen!!! You are doing wonders with this population of wonderful residents. They look so proud."
Amy S., Activity Directory, Brandywine Howell

"It is my great pleasure to write this letter or recommendation for Karen Starrett. I have had the pleasure of viewing her professional work for three years, and I can state with confidence that she is a responsible person with a high degree of integrity. As a teaching artist, Karen engages our residents in creative processes through their five senses. She proved herself to be an exceptional person with strong qualities. Her work performance is consistent and I believe that she will have great successes in her future endeavors."
Claudia M., INVEST Coordinator, Brandywine Sycamore

"Dear Karen, Thank you so very much for your art class. Prior to his illness, my husband, xxxxx, was a very artistic man.....I thought that side of him was destroyed by his illness - but you were able to bring that side of him to life again! You have added a dimension to his life, improved his quality of life in a way I never dreamed possible.
          As important as what you have done for xxxxx is what you have given to our daughter, xxxxx. She is an artist and filmmaker who was a young girl when xxxxx got sick. She has few memories of the man her father was. I sent her one of the prints that her dad made and she is overwhelmed to feel this inner connection to her dad....for the rest of her life she will have this awesome print that her dad made for her. There really aren't enough words to thank you."

S., Jersey Shore Center